Workplacement / Internship

All beneficiaries were required to undertake a short unpaid work placements in the sector following the completion of the 90 hour vocational language support course. This was evaluated and analyses from both the beneficiary and employers’ viewpoints with feedback provided by the employer on the participants suitability for a career in the profession based on an assessment of their competencies and language.

On successful completion of the work placement, beneficiaries were presented with a reference from the employer as well as career support and access to employment networks.

All partners  agreed length of placements, start dates evaluation and monitoring procedures and have prepared beneficiaries for entering the placements by incorporating a sort module on work placements and appropriate employer engagement into the vocational language training.

Each partner was responsible for the running of the placements and also monitoring and analyzing the the impact on both beneficiary and employer, monitoring the placements throughout its term including visits and verbal feedback. Each partner was responsible for collating evaluations and feedback from both beneficiaries and employers and sending these to the lead partner on the IO to compile a short report which in turn will be sent to the Applicant partner as part of final evaluation of the VOLCANO project.