Vocational Language curriculum and material resource

The development of a generic 90 hour vocational language course for social care within healthcare using material and methodology based on existing vocational English language material developed and tested extensively in Scotland. Key output will be innovation and development of new material to complement what exists with participating organisation using their specialised skills and understanding of their migrant communities to create a broad, adaptable and flexible bank of materials used to train migrants with some experience of health care at a social care level or junior nursing.

We will examine the existing bank of materials to determine their suitability across the participating countries and use the experience and expertise across the partnership to develop the bank of materials providing material for a greater number of contexts and environments. Material will be developed using templates provided by the lead partner ensuring quality, integrity and professionalism and will be organised according to level and topic. Due to the differences in the demands and structure of the healthcare sector throughout Europe it is envisaged that each participating country will use the bank of materials and methodology to develop their own lesson plans and courses.

Methodology from Scotland covering suggested modules learning outcomes, level descriptors will be presented to partners. This existing vocational approach for healthcare is based on communication using language taken from live situations in care homes and other health care settings. Each partner will go onto to develop adapt and create new innovative curricula and materials for their own particular environment. Drawing upon the research conducted in O1 partners will tailor the course to the particular needs of migrant groups in their area and to fit into the progression routes into healthcare. With the raw course translated the experts within each country will identify where the course needs to be developed and will also contribute to the bank of available material.


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