Skills and Language Benchmarking and Profiling tool

A Toolkit developed covering the key competencies required for working in a social care setting within healthcare. Assessment tool for language and key competencies and hard skills to be used with the support of a trainer or caseworker. A Personal Action Plan template which used the results of the toolkit in order to provide structured support for learners to enter or re-enter their profession at a suitable level.

The toolkit has drawn upon common competencies required to work in the healthcare sectors of participating countries ensuring that skills are assessed to an appropriate level and profession.

The toolkit has been used as a recruitment and evaluation toolkit, included a universal set of competencies agreed by all the partners as well as competency profiles relevant to specific job profiles included in the project.


The toolkit was comprehensive including:

  • Methodologies for Skills/competencies recognition, assessment and benchmarking
  • Methodologies for engaging with employers and sector skills councils
  • Procedures for conducting a skills audit
  • Methodologies for careers advice to the group based on results of benchmarking/audit results
  • Procedures for developing a personal action plan (PAP) with learners in order to guide them into healthcare professions at an appropriate leve

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IO2 English Skills and Language Benchmarking and Profiling Tool