Research and Mapping Report

A report will be compiled by all partners capturing key information including:

  • Demographics of the target group and immigration flows
  • The employment gap and barriers for target groups
  • Inclusion of best practices and case studies
  • A mapping of the target sector in terms of size, opportunities skills gaps and workforce -needs in order to build a sustainable workforce

The report will inform the rest of the project providing participating countries with demographic and background information on which to plan the learning and teaching materials. The report will also assist the participants with recruitment for the programme ensuring that learners are recruited at the right level and from the full range of communities in their area.

The research process will also help participating countries to identify suitable employers who will form the cornerstone of the project, providing materials for teaching and learning as well as work placements and employment opportunities for beneficiaries.

Each of the 5 partners will complete a template provided by the lead partner which covers all the elements included in the report. This will require a mixture of desk research and face to face information gathering from the target sector. This will lead on from the impact assessment all partners are completing as part of the preparation for the application.

Research reports