Piloting the Curriculum

The 90 hour sector specific vocational language course was piloted in all partner countries (30 beneficiaries in each partner country in two groups of 15 (total of 150 beneficiaries)

The partner countries were responsible for creating individual lesson plans using and testing the methodologies and teaching resources developed under the Curriculum development intellectual output.

The courses were fully evaluated, monitored and analysed by trainers as well as the beneficiaries for impact, relevance and knowledge gained.

Each of the partner ‘s has identified case studies from within the beneficiaries to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training.

Partners were required as a core element of the curriculum and the work placement intellectual output to make contact with employers in the target sector to ensure materials being taught to the beneficiaries are relevant and fit for the purpose in preparing them for a work placement and moving them nearer to the workplace. The employer engagement should have result in, as a minimum requirement, material provided by an employer for use on the course as well as employers meeting with learners for question and answer sessions or a walk around a care institution.