Face to face transnational meetings

There will be 6 meetings each of 2 days in duration and in addition to the particular focus on each meeting as below the partnership will cover the following key issues:

  • Partnership
  • Progress and quality Management
  • IO Progress reports
  • Reporting and finance
  • Evaluation
  • Dissemination activity

The Kick off meeting in Norway will present all partners with the agreed terns and conditions of the partnership; cover all financial and reporting requirements; will agree work plan and timetable, key milestones; role of lead in each intellectual output and allow partners to present their expertise and best practice. It will set the the work agenda to be met before the next meeting.

That work agenda will be: Researching and drafting of research report; development of skills and language benchmark tool, translation of benchmarking tool uploading of both research report and benchmarking tool to the website and VLE

The second meeting in Glasgow will focus on the curriculum an development a materials resource bank, ensuring that materials and curricula for partner organisations fit the relevant and appropriate levels on the EQF. The workplan for the following meting will be six months to develop adapt and translate materials and curricula and upload to the VLE.

The third meeting in Germany will focus on preparation for the pilot delivery of the materials (this will be followed by a separate train the trainer short term teaching event in Scotland). The meeting will also cover the material development section of the Implementation Handbook. The work programme for the next meeting will be to deliver the first of 2 x 90 hour vocational language courses and to identify employers for placements and to evaluate the first course.

The fourth meeting Italy will focus on work placement activity and preparing for the second pilot course. The work plan for the following meting will be to deliver the second vocational ESOL course and to begin the work placement programme.

The fifth meeting in Croatia will focus on the successes and evaluation of the pilot training and the work placement programme and the preparation of green Paper an the finalising of the Implementation handbook the work programme for the following and final meting will be completing handbook, and green paper and ensuring VLE and website is up to date

The final sixth meeting in Norway will pull all strands of the programme together will have all intellectual outputs complete and will